How do I request access to a Regen Site?

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United Fiber & Data Regan Sites are secure facilities, therefore formal request for access is required. You must complete the Regen Site Access Request Form, noting which specific site(s) you are requesting access too, give dates and times as well as contact information for the authorized site representative. 24-hour notification is required. Emergency access is available if needed.

You may submit a Support ticket request for “Need access to Regen/ILA Site” via the Support widget located on It is helpful to note your Circuit ID or Network Order number. The Regen Site Access Request Form will be emailed to you after the ticket request has been received.

Once the request is approved, you will receive a Regen Site Access Details sheet containing access codes and information for door access, cabinet racks, and padlocks if applicable.

Door Access pin codes are remotely activated for the date and times given. They are only valid 1 hour before, and 1 hour after the confirmed time.

United Fiber & Data’s IT and Operations Team can assist with additional support if needed.